Mini-Bar Cocktail Travel Kit

There is no reason to sacrifice the art of perfect cocktails simply because you are out and about. With this 7-piece Mini-Bar, you can create unique and sophisticated cocktails at a picnic or anywhere fine drinks are called for. This tool set includes a 7 oz. flask, two collapsible cups, a cocktail stirrer, a funnel, tongs, and the all important corkscrew. All of these necessities come packed in an elegant carrying case, making it easy to bartend at home or away!

All of the tools and the carrying case are made from durable stainless steel and shine with a tarnish-proof polish. The interior of this mobile mini-bar is form fitted to the utensils, so they will not rattle when the box is carried by its convenient handle. The case is covered with distinctive black leather, marking it as the tool set of someone who takes their martinis quite seriously.