Dad's Diaper Kit

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A new dad needs to be prepared for anything. We’ve handcrafted Dad's Diaper Kit to help him fearlessly face one of the first challenges of parenting—the diaper change.

This kit contains all the tools Dad needs to tackle diaper changes on a scale of tame to hazmat. Our super handy canvas and leather tool bag stands up on its own, so your supplies are easily accessible. Packed inside are all the diaper changing necessities—plus we’ve included goggles, tongs and disposable gloves so Dad can handle even the messiest changes with ease. A mustache pacifier and a rattle keeps baby happy and keeps Dad laughing during the process.

This bag can also be re-purposed for tools after baby is out of diapers!

Dad's Diaper Kit comes gift-wrapped, with a congratulatory note card, sealed with our official DadGifts logo. If you'd like to personalize the note card with a special message for Dad, please remember to include the message in the "Customer notes" section of the checkout page.

This Kit includes:
1 canvas & leather tool bag
Package of baby wipes
3 disposable changing pads
3 disposable diapers (size 1)
3 hand sanitizing wipes
3 disposable diaper bags
3 pair disposable gloves
Wooden rattle
Mustache pacifier

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