Bullet Space Pen

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The Fisher Bullet Space Pen offers timeless style and prestige in a compact tool. Perhaps the most widely used and popular pen on the market, the Bullet Space Pen provides unparalleled performance in any condition. This pressurized pen is designed to write in zero gravity, under water, at any angle, and in extreme temperatures! No matter where Dad's day takes him, help him be prepared with the Bullet Space Pen.

When retracted, this pen fits easily in a pocket or wallet. Manufactured in the USA and made from top quality brass, the Bullet Space Pen is a classic utensil that Dad will be honored to receive. The subject of art and written articles, this pen has been exhibited in the New York Museum of Modern Art for years.

Measures 5.3" when open, and 3.8" when closed
Environmentally friendly and unconditionally guaranteed

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