Sphere Ice Molds

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Spheres of ice are becoming increasingly popular these days. Not only do they make any beverage look sophisticated, they help prevent dilution. The smaller the ice cube the faster it melts. Slow-melting spherical ice cubes prevent watered-down drinks, which is the nemesis of any connoisseur.

Some people are paying hundreds of dollars for machines that produce spherical ice, but that is just silly when ice molds like these are available. These sphere ice molds come in a set of two and stack easily so space can be conserved in the freezer. The ice molds also have a silicone cap that prevents any leaking. Though it is made with silicone, you can rest assured that these ice molds are dishwasher safe and BPA free.

Spherical ice is also perfect for pitchers, punch bowls, and anywhere leisurely drinkers roam.
  • Makes a 2.5" sphere of ice.
  • Pro Tip #1: Boil water for a perfectly clear ice cube.
  • Pro Tip #2: Experiment with additions to ice such as mint, or even alternatives like cranberry juice.