Salts of the World

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If Dad is an adventurer, a cook, or an adventurous cook--this is the perfect gift for him! From the heights of the Himalayas to the shores of Hawaii, the world's finest gourmet salts have been gathered for the Salts of the World Collection. The famed Red Alaea Salt of Hawaii gets its vibrant color from particles of volcanic clay. Fleur de Sel has been made on the coast of Guatemala since the days of the ancient Maya--they used to call it "white gold." The Applewood salt has been naturally smoked over real apple wood from the Pacific Northwest. Dad can have an adventure that spans the globe, without leaving the kitchen. Seven salts come packaged in pyrex glass tubes with real cork tops, in a stylish and sustainable bamboo case. The kit includes a bamboo mini-spoon and a reference card with salt descriptions and recommended usages.

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