Collection: Gifts for the Chef

We’ve assembled the most useful and high quality cooking gifts for the dad in your life. They include practical tools and gifts for foodies or gifts for chefs, whichever Dad fancies himself to be. For the Grillmaster, we have an assortment of barbecue tool sets so when he’s cooking on the grill, he can achieve tenderness and flavor in all cuts of meat with surgical precision. We have unique, high quality grilling tools for dad, such as the brass knuckle meat tenderizer or our clean flip barbecue tray. Dad can also add his personal touch to the steaks or chops he grills using our BBQ branding iron. In the realm of the kitchen, we carry kitchen gifts for dad designed to make smaller cooking tasks simpler such as our heated butter knives and ice cream scoops; never struggle with unyielding dairy again. For the more “scientific” dads, we have a number of molecular gastronomy and mixology products so he can test his flavor hypotheses. If Dad is a bit of a goof when it comes to food, our stylish oven mitts are sure to fetch a smile. Whether the best laid plans of the dad in your life involve grilling, cooking or baking, we’ve got the best cooking gifts for dad to make sure they don’t go awry, unless you’re baking a rye.