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Food + Drink

If Dad is a mixologist, a chef, or a king of the grill…we’ve got a fine selection of gifts to help him swag out his culinary style! From drinkware, to gourmet salts, to cocktail gear, you’re sure to find something to please the epicure in your life. Our popular Make-Your-Own kits (BBQ sauce, Hot Sauce, Cheese and Mustard) are a fun DIY project you can do together. Bon appetit!

Make Your Own BBQ Sauce Kit
Make Your Own BBQ Sauce Kit Sold Out
Golf Mug
Golf Mug $14.95
Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit
Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit Sold Out
Stemless Wine Glasses
Stemless Wine Glasses $25.95
Whiskey Stones
Whiskey Stones $25.95
Stainless Steel Wine Glasses
Stainless Steel Wine Glasses $29.95
Sphere Ice Molds
Sphere Ice Molds $15.95
Decanter Tags
Decanter Tags Sold Out
Leather Flask
Leather Flask from $37.50
Stemless Martini Glasses
Stemless Martini Glasses Sold Out
Great Moustaches Mug
Great Moustaches Mug $17.95
Wooden Beer Caddy
Wooden Beer Caddy $39.95
Lewis Ice Bag
Lewis Ice Bag Sold Out
RivSalt Sold Out
Horn Mug
Horn Mug Sold Out
Ceramic Coffee Grinder
Ceramic Coffee Grinder Sold Out
Down the Hatch Flask Set
Down the Hatch Flask Set Sold Out
Fish Corkscrew
Fish Corkscrew $18.95
Stanley Classic Flask
Stanley Classic Flask $26.95
Grenache Wine Tool Set
Grenache Wine Tool Set $35.95
Spirits 12-Ounce Drinking Glasses
Spirits 12-Ounce Drinking Glasses $22.95
Nautical Coaster Box Set
Nautical Coaster Box Set $42.95
Stainless Steel Flask
Stainless Steel Flask from $21.95
World Champion Bottle Stopper
World Champion Bottle Stopper $17.95
Deluxe Wine and Cheese Set
Deluxe Wine and Cheese Set $35.95 $44.95
Bear Bottle Opener
Bear Bottle Opener $28.95
Classic Cocktail Shaker
Classic Cocktail Shaker from $15.95
Copper Shot Glasses
Copper Shot Glasses $22.95
Hammered Stainless Steel Bar Set
Hammered Stainless Steel Bar Set $179.95
Nautical Shot Glass Set
Nautical Shot Glass Set $23.95 $26.95
Barrel Moscow Mule Mug
Barrel Moscow Mule Mug $22.95
Moscow Mule Mugs
Moscow Mule Mugs $51.95 $64.95
The W&P Cocktail Kit
The W&P Cocktail Kit $278.95
Travel BBQ Tool Set
Travel BBQ Tool Set $39.95
Mini-Bar Cocktail Travel Kit
Mini-Bar Cocktail Travel Kit $99.95