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The W&P Cocktail Kit

This handsome cocktail kit features all the tools Dad needs to shake up drinks on the go. Complete with the sophisticated cocktail line from W&P designs, this cocktail kit includes a beautiful canvas and leather carrying case. If the Dad in your life enjoys being the host, even when he's at the office or out and about, this is the perfect gift. Sleek and sophisticated, the W&P Cocktail Kit is a modern production of a timeless tradition.

Includes: The W&P Canvas + Leather Mason Bag in White
The Mason Shaker
One 10 inch W&P Muddler
One W&P Jigger (0.75 0z / 1.5 oz)
Two W&P Linen Cocktail Napkins and Two W&P Cocktail Coupes (5.5 oz)

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