20 Indoor Activities for High-Energy Kids!

Spending lots of indoor time with kiddos who are bouncing off the walls?  We've rounded up 20 fun and creative indoor activities from some of our favorite parenting blogs.  Help your kids get some exercise, get creative, and channel some of that pent-up energy! 

1) Obstacle Course:  Use objects found around the house, like painter's tape, pillow cases, and paper cut-outs to create an obstacle course!  Best of all, once this course is set up, you can kick back and relax while your kiddo goes nuts.  Click here for some ideas on how to create an obstacle course of your own.  (via Adventures at Home with Mum)

2) Activity Dice: Use a cardboard box wrapped in paper to create a giant die or pair of dice!  Add actions to each side, and roll to see what to do next.  (via My Mini Adventurer)

Children playing Simon Says
3) Simon Says: An oldie but a goodie!  Here's a list of 101 Simon Says ideas to get you started. (via Big Happy Backyard)

4) Scavenger Hunt: Challenge those little ones to find objects around the house... you can play this many times by mixing up the list!  (Pro tip: depending on how well concealed the items are...this game could take quite a while, buying you some extra time) (via Mom Ooze)

Glass Jar Full Of Folded Paper Sheets On Yellow Background, Space ...
5) Wiggle Jar:  When your little one is getting extra wiggly, have them reach into the jar, and pull out an activity!  It could be walking like a crab, hopping like a bunny, or playing the air guitar.  This site features free printables, but you could also make your own.  (via Home School Share)

lines of tape activities-2
6) Tape Jumping: You'll be amazed at how many activities you can do with only six lines of tape!  Check them all out here, and create some of your own!  (via Hands On As We Grow)

7) Uno Workout: All you need is your handy dandy deck of Uno cards to make a fun, color-based workout that keeps everybody guessing...you never know which exercise you'll do next!  Follow the instructions here.  (via Creative Southern Home)

8) Pom Pom Racing:  This is a game that requires more concentration than movement, but is a guaranteed crowd pleaser.  All you need is tape, straws, and pom poms to create this amazing race!  Learn how to Pom Pom race here!  (via Emma Owl)

9) Yoga for Kids: Little ones can enjoy yoga too, especially all the fun animal poses!  Here's the Ultimate Library of Yoga for Kids Videos, which has tons of video yoga classes for kids of all ages.  (via Childhood 101)

10) Shape Hopscotch:  There are several ways to play this game, while working on shape and color recognition, and exercise!  Check out the instructions here.  (via Housing a Forest). 

11) Keep it Moving Game:  This is a clever combination of a board game and good old fashioned calisthenics!  All you need is the printable board game and a die, and you'll be playing and jumping in no time.  Get the printable PDF board game here.  (via Hip Homeschool Mums)

12) Clean Up Games: You heard that right, cleaning up can be transformed into a game, Mary Poppins style!  You can challenge your kiddos to speed cleaning, a cleanup math game, or cleaning to a song.  Check out these ideas and more!  (via Lilacs and Lost Socks

13) Elephant Stomp:  If you've got some extra bubble wrap laying around, check out Elephant Stomp, and exercise like an elephant!   (via Frogs Snails and Puppy Dog Tails)

14) Color Dot Exercises: These creative, do-anywhere exercises only require four colored dots and some tape!  Follow the videos to see all the different dot exercises for balance, core strength, and more. (via Pink Oatmeal)

15) Tape Road:  All you need is some low-tack painter's tape, and the possibilities are endless!  Create "roads" that criss-cross the house and have fun driving all the different routes.  Check out more tape road ideas here! (via Hands On As We Grow)

16) Laser Maze:  Using crepe paper, or painter's tape, create your own maze in a hallway and challenge the kids to navigate without touching any of the "lasers"... just like in the movies!  Check out the tutorial here.  (via It's Always Autumn)  

17) Balloon Olympics: Who knew so many different sports could be played with a balloon?  Check out these Balloon Sports to engage gross motor skills and burn off some of that Olympic-level-energy!  (via Entertain Your Toddler)

18) Life Size Maze:  Using books or blocks, create a giant maze in the living room!  Challenge your little one to get from one side to the other, and then have them make a maze for you!  Check out the tutorial here.  (Pro-tip: play one of the Cleaning Games to put away the maze when you're done).  (via Preschool Powol Packets)

19) Wheelbarrow Walk Puzzles: This activity is sure to inspire lots of giggles (not to mention burning lots of energy), by combining the wheelbarrow walk with doing a puzzle!  Place the puzzle pieces on one end of the room, and the puzzle on the other...wheelbarrow walk back and forth to add one piece at a time!  Check out the directions here.  (via Stir the Wonder)

20) A good old-fashioned Living Room Dance Party:  Nothing beats grooving around the living room!  If you want to get some major dance party inspo (#dadgoals), check out Stanley Freeland's YouTube channel, where he and his son do incredible coordinated dances! 


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