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          Our Favorite Halloween Costumes for Dad & Baby!

Hey Dads!  Have you been dreaming of trick-or-treating again ever since you turned 12?  Great news... if you've got a baby, trick-or-treating becomes socially acceptable again!  You just gotta put together a heart-melting costume, then watch the candy start rolling in.  We've gathered up some of the internet's finest dad and baby costumes for your inspiration!    

Chef Skinner and Remy from Ratatouille!  

Harry Potter and Dobby the House Elf!  

King Triton and Ariel!

President Baby and Secret Service Agents!

Elliott and E.T.! 

Ghostbuster and Marshmallow Man!  

Daddy Warbucks and Little Orphan Annie! 

Pirate and Parrot!  

Rapunzel and her tower!

Construction Site!

Mario and Mushroom!