Five Holiday Gift Ideas for New Dads

If you know a New Dad, or a soon-to-be-New-Dad, you know they need lots of love, support, and New Dad gear!  From the practical to the plain-old-fun, we have rounded up some of our top picks for the Proud New Papas in your life.  

Dad's Diaper Kit:  Packed with supplies from wipes to goggles, this kit has everything needed to tackle the much-dreaded diaper change!  The best part is, it comes in a handy dandy, durable tool bag with leather details that can be re-purposed after Dad's diaper changing days are over.  


Ceramic Coffee Grinder:  New parents know how important it is to get caffeinated after a long and sleepless night.  Much quieter than a conventional grinder, this ceramic coffee grinder to grind those magical beans while not waking up a sleeping baby! 


This is Ridiculous, This is Amazing: This book is a must-have for a new or new-ish Dad.  It's written as a collection of lists that help approach parenting with a sense of humor...including both helpful advice and funny stories.  


Mustache Pacifier: What keeps baby quiet, but keeps everyone else laughing?  This hilarious mustache pacifier, of course!  Guaranteed to be a hit--especially if the new Dad has a mustache and suddenly gains a Mini-Me! 

Stainless Steel Flask:  Ha.  Ha.  We're kind of kidding about this one---or are we??  We could all use a drink from time to time, especially when the times are a little extra stressful.  At the end of the day when baby's finally asleep, Dad can kick back with his favorite booze.  Made of stainless steel, this high-quality classic will last through babyhood, the terrible twos, and straight through to the teenage years, making it a gift that truly keeps on giving.

Happy shopping!