Five Awesome Gifts for a First Time Dad

Know a Dude who's about to become a Dad for the first time?  While the transition from Childess Dude to Papa Bear can be a little daunting, help him face the first challenges of parenting head-on with a thoughtful gift!  Read on for our five favorite gifts for a First Time Dad.


1) This is Ridiculous, This is Amazing:  One of our favorite parenting books, it's packed with humorous yet helpful advice--on everything from traveling with a baby to games you can play while laying down.  Written in an easy-to-read list format, it's perfect for prepping for Daddyhood before baby arrives, or brushing up even during the sleep deprived first few months.  

2) Practical Help:  For frazzled new parents, sometimes the best gift isn't an object!  Volunteer to mow the grass, take the car through the carwash, or run an errand...anything that will give a Dad more time to spend with his new bundle of joy, or get some much needed rest.  Hot tip: instead of asking a worn out parent what they need, propose a short list of ideas and let them pick their fave.  


3)  The Ultimate New Dad Survival Kit:  This hefty kit comes packed with necessities for both Dad and baby...including a manly diaper bag just for him. Loaded with parenting books, a teether, snacks, emergency towels, and more, it's sure to be a hit! 

4)  Food: One of the most helpful gifts for new parents is nutritious food that they don't have to cook.  If you're a culinary genius, let them know a date you'll bring over a dinner or two.  If you can't cook, get them a gift certificate for takeout delivery, or send over their favorite gourmet pizza.  Yum!


5) Mustache Pacifier: Now here's a gift that's sure to please the whole family... this hilarious pacifier adds a mustache to any baby.  It can coax baby to stop crying, but even more importantly, will keep Dad laughing.  


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