Easy Halloween Costumes for Dads

This time of year, you might find yourself extra busy gluing sequins on a tutu, or making a light saber out of a toilet paper tube. Halloween tends to focus on the kids, but we believe that grown-up kids (aka Dads) deserve to take part in the fun! To make sure you get some of that candy haul, we’ve put together a guide of our favorite easy Halloween costumes for Dads.


Farmer Costume
Old McDad had a bunch of kids… if you’ve gotta get up early to feed your little critters, I’m sure you can relate! To become a Farmer, all you need is a plaid shirt, some overalls, a straw hat, and some Fuzzy Cow Slippers.

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Nigel Tufnel Spinal Tap Costume

Nigel Tufnel Costume
OK, you should probably leave the cigarette out of this one, but otherwise, you can crank it to 11 with this Nigel Tufnel costume, as seen in Spinal Tap! All you need is a Green Skeleton Tee (go ahead and cut the arms off), black jeans, and a mullet wig. If you’re already sporting a natural mullet…even better! Parenting tip: If your kids are misbehaving, make them listen to a 20 minute guitar solo.  

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Yeti Abominable Snowman Costume

Yeti Costume
The mysterious Yeti (aka Abominable Snowman) has been terrorizing the Himalayas for thousands of years. What a great role model! Start with a pair of Yeti Feet Slippers, then add white pants and a shirt, blue gloves and mask, and a wild white wig.   Rawr!!

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Bob Wiley What About Bob? Costume

Bob Wiley Costume

Channel your inner Bill Murray with a very authentic Bob Wiley costume, from What About Bob! First, get yourself a Don’t Hassle Me Tee. Add some khaki shorts and a life jacket, and you can start taking those first Baby Steps.

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Smokey the Bear Costume

Smokey the Bear Costume
It’s never too early to teach your kiddos about fire safety! Transform into Smokey the Bear with some Grizzly Bear Paw Slippers, blue jeans, a brown shirt, and a ranger’s hat. Only YOU can prevent forest fires!

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The Dude Big Lebowski Costume

The Dude Costume
This costume is so comfy, you might want to just keep wearing it day after day. You’ve been warned! Transform yourself into The Dude (as seen in The Big Lebowski) with pajama pants and a robe. Add a Kaoru Betto Shirt. Treat yourself to a White Russian after the kids go to bed!

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